Everything Good In the World / Golden Gate Heights

Five of my paintings were included in the JCO’s Art Haus exhibit, Everything Good in the World (summer 2021). What a fun show! I was honored to be included.

My painting, Golden Gate Heights, was finished just in time for the exhibit. It was wonderful walking around that neighborhood – so much beauty. The old walls were both handsome and appealingly run-down. If you haven’t been to the top of Grand View Park – where those zig-zag stairs lead – get there if you can! If anything, the name of the park undersells the view.

As I finished the walk, the sun was setting. So Golden Gate Heights shows a walk not just through space but also through time, as the light changes from the bottom to the top of the painting.

This is partly inspired by the amazing paintings of Leonard Koscianski. Many of his paintings move from nighttime to dawn.